"Running with Leaves" - this Sat. Peter Wilson talks about engaging with nature. 

The talk is intended to be a dialogue on how we interact and learn from nature. Main themes will include 

• How to connect / reconnect in a megacity 

• meditation on simple wonders - flora and fauna in and around Seoul.

Peter is an OCC Dharma teacher and from New Zealand. He is trying to be a more mindful and charitable person.


Join us this Saturday for a morning with Abby 

Join us on Sat. February 22- for "A Discussion on Whole Foods Cooking with Abby" 

Weaving together meditation and healthy food!
Join fellow meditator, yogi and growing raw food enthuasist Abby delving into making and incorporating more nutritionally dense food into your life, including a food tasting!



Angel House Orphanage Volunteering 


Art & Creativity with Rochelle


OCC Special Workshop: Reflection on the Present Moment 

A two-hour workshop using meditation and art to explore what exists for us in the present moment.  Working alone and in small groups participants use creativity to express and gain greater understanding of their experience of being in the world.  
No previous art experience or materials are required.  Just bring your curiosity!
Rochelle is originally from New Zealand and has been practicing yoga and meditation for the past 15 years.  With a background in filmmaking and community arts she is presently teaching art therapy at a university in Seoul. Having lived in Korea for over five years Rochelle is interested in working creatively with Korean people to help them explore and make sense of their lives.