Exploration into Fear with Peter Wilson 

Sat. March 29

Eundeok Cultural Center


The subject of this week's talk will be Fear. 

Peter will approach it from a psychological, buddhist and stoic perspective. This will be an exploration into the basis for fear/s and our own fears. 

Key issues / questions will be 

1. What reasonable fears do we have in our lives right now. 

2. How can meditation / practice help, both as a calming and clarifying force. 

3. The strength of a community, namely: The OCC in teaching courage. 

4. Wisdom from old and new sources on the subject.


Weaving together music, art and meditation with Rochelle 

Sat. March 8
Eundeok Cultural Center 


Weaving together music, art and meditation with Rochelle this Saturday March 8th at the Eundeok Cultural Center.

Join us this Saturday for a morning of yoga, music and art. Rochelle's simple and insightful approach to creativity and meditation will open your heart and get your creative juices flowing. This session will harmonize mind and body and inspire each person to express their unconscious through art and music. No art experience is required, just openness and an inquiring spirit. Rochelle's sessions encourage people to express their internal world in a safe, accepting, and non-judgmental atmosphere.




"Running with Leaves" - this Sat. Peter Wilson talks about engaging with nature. 

The talk is intended to be a dialogue on how we interact and learn from nature. Main themes will include 

• How to connect / reconnect in a megacity 

• meditation on simple wonders - flora and fauna in and around Seoul.

Peter is an OCC Dharma teacher and from New Zealand. He is trying to be a more mindful and charitable person.


Join us this Saturday for a morning with Abby 

Join us on Sat. February 22- for "A Discussion on Whole Foods Cooking with Abby" 

Weaving together meditation and healthy food!
Join fellow meditator, yogi and growing raw food enthuasist Abby delving into making and incorporating more nutritionally dense food into your life, including a food tasting!



Angel House Orphanage Volunteering